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    Default Orth's Buying Armor

    I'm buying:

    First Class Postman - All
    Fully Loded Miner - All but helmet and pants
    Knockdown Brawler - All
    Critical Hit Warrior - Breastplate and Greaves

    You name the price, and I'll accept if it's reasonable.

    FR Names - Orth (Pixie Guy Main), Kanji Tatsumi (Human Guy Alt)
    Guess who's back? Back again?

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    Default Re: Orth's Buying Armor

    Hey Orth.
    I'm already on my way in getting the first-class set for you. I don't have the full set yet but I'm almost there.

    I'm still not sure of the price though. I'm terrible at those.
    Arielle Moonshadow
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    Not interested in trading anymore. Everything's so expensive...

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    Default Re: Orth's Buying Armor

    id be willing to sell my miner gloves for 10 k

    <Blood Wolf>
    I am looking for complete, black elite archer and warrior set. PM if selling.

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