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    Default Old vault capris (Not magenta)

    I'm not selling Magenta Capris, i'm selling a less common vault pair of Stitched Capris, they are the Retired Green color. Things i am looking for:

    TCG (I don't want packs, i want TCG items, preferably weapons)
    Other Vault piece(s)
    I will NOT accept Vault Berry
    Old School
    I will NOT accept Chest items

    The colors i would want the most:
    Baby Blue
    Retired Purple

    If your trading berets, i want SC colors. The ONLY coin shop color i will accept is Red

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    Default Re: Old vault capris (Not magenta)

    Retired purple is Berrybright isnt it? and Good luck! ^^

    some nerd who's too nostalgic for their own good

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