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    Default Old School, Vaults and Elite for trade!

    I have the following elite and vaults for trade for other vaults or elite. I will trade old school for other old school, vaults or elite. I will not trade vaults or elite for old school and I will only trading non combat items for non combat items. Also, I will only trade non combat elite for other non combat elite.
    Boys Vaults:
    Dark Brown Flannel
    Light Green Flannel
    Magenta Flannel
    Old Purple Hoodie
    Light Blue Hoodie
    Magenta Layered shirt
    Light Blue Long-Sleeve Flare shirt
    Yellow One Stripe shirt
    Light Blue One Stripe shirt
    Dark Brown Short Sleeve plaid
    Old Purple Stripe Polo
    Yellow Swirly shirt
    Yellow Baggy Jeans
    Yellow Bermuda Shorts
    Light Blue Boot cut pants (boys only)
    Light Green Cargo Shorts
    Orange Cargo Shorts
    Orange Dress shoes
    Magenta Orange-Strapped flip slops
    Old Purple Suede shoes
    Light blue Work boots

    Both Genders:
    Yellow Boot Cut
    Light Blue Boot Cut
    Old Purple Small Stitched
    Yellow Small Stitched pants

    Girls Vaults:
    Orange Blouse Vest
    Brown Cardigan
    Gold Cardigan
    Brown Pink Small Sweater
    Light Blue Pink Small Sweater (Maybe)
    Orange Stripe Ruffled Blouse
    Light Green Stripe Ruffled Blouse
    Orange Layered Skirt
    Light Green Baggy pants

    Elite Combat:
    Elite Alley Fighter pants
    Elite Black Diving Hawk cowl
    Elite Black Diving Hawk shirt
    Elite Black Striking Serpent cowl x2, arms, and shoulder
    Elite Black Intrepid Protector gloves
    Elite Void Woven pants
    Elite Pink First Aid beanie

    Elite Non-Combat:
    Elite Black Fancy Feast shirt
    Elite Black Fancy Feast pants
    Elite Black Frightening Finisher shirt
    Elite Black Rock Digger shirt

    Orange Fast Blast cap
    Old Purple Brutal Blast gloves
    Orange Brutal Blast gloves
    Yellow Savage Sting gloves
    Light Brown Savage Sting gloves
    Magenta Trick Shot gloves x2
    Yellow Swift Sting gloves
    Orange Brutal Blast hoodie
    Dark Red Storm Shot hoodie
    Magenta Storm Shot hoodie
    Yellow Storm Shot hoodie
    Old Purple Storm Shot hoodie
    Magenta Brutal Blast pants
    Light Blue Feral Fire pants
    Orange Savage Sting pants
    Old Purple Savage Sting pants
    Brown Quick Shot pants
    Light Brown Feral Fire boots
    Magenta Feral Fire boots
    Magenta Brutal Blast quiver
    Orange Brutal Blast quiver
    Old Purple Feral Fire quiver

    Yellow Berserk Bruiser helmet
    Light Green Berserk Bruiser helmet
    Light Brown Buff Bruiser helmet
    Old Purple Buff Bruiser helmet
    Light Blue Ring Rumbler helmet
    Dark Red Street Scrapper cap
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter cap
    Orange Rowdy Rumbler cap
    Orange Buff Bruiser gloves
    Light Blue Strong Scrapper gloves
    Light Blue Rowdy Rumbler gloves
    Old Purple Rowdy Rumbler gloves
    Dark Red Strong Scrapper shirt
    Orange Strong Scrapper shirt
    Yellow Strong Scrapper shirt
    Dark Red Feisty Fighter shirt
    Dark Red Rowdy Rumbler shirt
    Old Purple Rowdy Rumbler
    Orange Spunky Scrapper boots
    Yellow Spunky Scrapper boots
    Dark Red Spunky Scrapper boots
    Old Purple Buff Bruiser shoulder
    Orange Spunky Scrapper shoulder

    Yellow Fast Food hat
    Old Purple Fast Food shirt
    Light Green Fast Food pants
    Magenta Fast Food pants
    Light Brown Exquisite Eats shoes (level 20)
    Yellow Exquisite Eats shoes (level 20)

    Demo Driver:
    Raging Ram helmet (level 19)
    Orange Wonky Ram boots

    Kart Driver:
    Light Blue Great Velocity helmet
    Magenta Maximum Velocity helmet (level 20)
    Magenta Great Velocity shoes

    Orange Heal Support cap
    Purple Emergency Aid gloves
    Yellow Wound Mender backpack

    Light Blue Earth Digger helmet
    Dark Red Gold Farmer helmet (level 20)
    Orange Dirt Farmer gloves
    Brown Rock Digger gloves
    Orange Gold Farmer coveralls
    Magenta Earth Digger boots

    Light Blue Diving Hawk cowl
    Orange Soaring Eagle cowl
    Orange Twisting Cobra cowl
    Dark Red Prowling Rat cowl
    Magenta Dancing Monkey cowl
    Light Green Dancing Monkey cowl
    Dark Red Soaring Eagle arms
    Orange Striking Serpent gi
    Light Blue Soaring Eagle gi
    Light Blue Diving Hawk pants
    Yellow Stalking Panther boots
    Light Blue Diving Hawk boots
    Orange Soaring Eagle boots
    Light Blue Soaring Eagle shoulder

    Old Purple Hasty Mailing hat
    Light Green Hasty Mailing hat
    Light Brown Breakneck shirt
    Old Purple Comfy Delivery shoes
    Old Purple Nonstop Delivery shoes (level 20)
    Orange Rapid Courier shoes

    Soccer Star:
    Orange Snowhill Stopper Jersey
    Light Green Stalwart Protector gloves
    Dark Green Stalwart Protector gloves
    Light Green Stalwart Protector tunic
    Dark Red Stalwart Protector tunic
    Old Purple Spirited Protector tunic
    Darkish Blue Stalwart Protector pants
    Dark Purple Stalwart Protector boots

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    Default Re: Old School, Vaults and Elite for trade!

    Still looking to trade.

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    Default Re: Old School, Vaults and Elite for trade!

    Light Blue Feral Fire pants
    for light green pain pain relief jacket?


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    Default Re: Old School, Vaults and Elite for trade!

    Quote Originally Posted by xAuroraSweetskaterx View Post
    Light Blue Feral Fire pants
    for light green pain pain relief jacket?
    Sorry but no thank you

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    Default Re: Old School, Vaults and Elite for trade!

    The items im in need of:

    Orange Snowhill Stopper Jersey
    Orange Brutal Blast hoodie
    Orange Savage Sting pants
    Orange Rapid Courier Boots

    Items I am trading:
    Yellow Fast Foward Cleats
    Yellow Wild Winger Shin Guards
    Light Green Rapid Courier Shoes

    You could possibly pick out or recommend a good trade (I'm not so fond of picking them myself)

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