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    Default Old school trading

    Hey there, i have some old i'd like to put up for trade. Here are a few rules first

    24 hour trade-backs
    please no tcg
    no sc
    no coins
    no vaultberry
    i do not trade vault for old (unless it is low level archer, i like that)
    i will hold up to 3 days

    here is what i am trading:

    Magenta Savage Sting Leggings
    Dark red Stalwart Protector Gloves/Misc
    White Stalwart Helm
    Dark red Tempest Woven Long Cloak
    Dark red Trauma Support Medic Jacket
    Dark red Fast Blast Tunic
    Baby Blue First Aid Medic shirt
    Berrybright Quick Shot Cap
    Berrybright Quick Shot Tunic
    Magenta Power Charmed Cap
    Magenta Power Charmed Cloak
    Magenta Power Charmed Skirt
    SC Yellow Dirt Farmer Hat
    Baby Blue One Shoulder Shirt
    Common Blossom Blouse Vest
    Forest Green Boot Cut Pants
    Dark Red Storm Shot Quiver
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