I am looking for a light blue Dirt Farmer shirt and an Elite Black Dirt Farmer shirt. Both are high priorities, but I will accept other elite black miner shirts that look similar to the Dirt Farmer.

For the light blue Dirt Farmer shirt, I will offer 500,000 coins, or your choice of an old school item.

For the Elite Black shirt, I am offering Physical VRs plus others:
  • Mantis Bow
  • Spinner Cap
  • Rocker Vest
  • Full set of Orange Archer Brutal Blast
  • Full set of Light blue Ninja Stalking Panther
  • 10,000,000 coins

I have tried to get this Elite Black shirt several times, and I have seen many scams too. I doubt anyone would have it for trade but it is worth to try one more time. I am happy to add SC to the offer, if you do have the item and want to negotiate.

And do post only if you have any of the items for trade. Thanks for your time.