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    Icon11 Nim's Trading Thread! ^^

    Hey, guys!
    My friend can't make a FRI account for some reason. So, she asked me to post what she's trading here. Her IGN is Nimretth (awesome name, right? ).

    Here's what she's trading:

    Green small sweater blouse

    Dark Brown mid

    Brown small sweater vest

    Orange small sweater vest (Maybe)

    Brown Strapped shoes (Maybe)

    Light blue vest blouse (Would only sell for a different color and still a maybe)

    Red or brown rolled sleeve hoodie (Only for Light green, yellow or orange)

    Orange boot cut pants

    Grey and Light green stripped baggy pants (Only for a different color)

    Light Blue Spring Chicks and Chickens

    Buying with any of the above things (Will give more than one or two things for some things):

    Light Green, yellow, orange, light brown, magenta rolled sleve hoodies

    Cardigan sweaters of any color (Other than magenta)

    Hightops (Purple, magenta, dark red or light green)

    Tank tops (Light blue, magenta, or orange)

    Layered skirts (brown)

    Stripped baggy pants (Magenta, Orange, or Dark brown)

    Ruffled Blouse (dark brown, light blue, light green, or orange)

    Please, post if you're interested! Thank you! ^^

    Where you stop is where you start again.
    Celestina Corinne

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    Default Re: Nim's Trading Thread! ^^

    I can offer a light blue sweater vest for the light blue vest blouse.

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    Default Re: Nim's Trading Thread! ^^

    Do you know what she wants for the Orange boot cut pants? I'll try to catch her in game too so please make sure to hold the sale of those.

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