Hello, I just received a few boxes of Series One cards and have lots instock now. Please check out this link for an updated price sheet:


Check out this list below, please email me asap because some of these will go fast. These are codes so you will not need to set up a trade in the TCG and you get 50SC per code. I accept Paypal only at this time.

Thanks. Christopher Cardshark

Passport to Free Realms - 1L1
Audrey's Special Salad - 1L2
Beautiful Bouquet - 1L3
Booming Blue Firecrackers - 1L4
Kitty Princess Collar - 1L5
Kitty Princess Gown - 1L6
Kitty Princess Slippers - 1L7
Kitty Princess Tiara - 1L8
Burnt Toast - 1L9
Ceremonial Bone Wand - 1L10
Ceremonial Bonesaw - 1L11
Ceremonial Hammer - 1L12
Ceremonial Mantis Bow - 1L13
Chicken Feed - 1L14
Chugawug Bandit Mask - 1L15
Chugawug Brew - 1L16
Crazy Coin Scroll - 1L17
Cupcake of Tim the Tiny - 1L18
Electric Oil Diamond Shard - 1L19
Fiery Oil Diamond Shard - 1L20
Glow Cookie - 1L21
Glowing Contacts - 1L22
**-Hum Hammer - 1L23
Icicle Ice Cream - 1L24
Kitty Ninja Gi - 1L25
Kitty Ninja Pawguards - 1L26
Laughter Latte - 1L27
Money Hat - 1L28
Morphing Ball of Yarn - 1L29
Jumbo Health Potion - 1L30
Jumbo Mana Potion - 1L31
Jumbo Replenishing Potion - 1L32
Penguin Feather Mask - 1L33
Pixachino - 1L34
Players Club Card - 1L35
Pretty Princess Hat - 1L36
Rainbowopsicle - 1L37
Red Dragon Firecrackers - 1L38
Robgoblin Treasure Trove - 1L39
Rocker Hat - 1L40
Rocker Pants - 1L41
Rocker Sneakers - 1L42
Rocker Vest - 1L43
Seeing Stars Telescope - 1L44
Sizzling Frying Pan - 1L45
Sparkling Tiara - 1L46
Spinner Cap - 1L47
Super Star Scroll - 1L48
Thousand Pound Cake - 1L49
Toyger Whistle - 1L50
Traffic Cone Hat - 1L51

Chaz Strongarm - 1E187 - Exclusive
Pixie Troublemaker - 1E188 - Exclusive
Rock Toss - 1E189 - Exclusive
Have a Nice Trip! - 1E190 - Exclusive
Scary Chest Thump - 1E191 - Exclusive
Pit Crew Foreman - 1E192 - Exclusive
Big Red Button - 1E193 - Exclusive
Golem Rampage - 1E194 - Exclusive
Breakthrough - 1E195 - Exclusive
Crafty Man-Eating Plant - 1E196 - Exclusive
Stolen Away - 1E197 - Exclusive
Straight Shot - 1E198 - Exclusive
Extended Claws - 1E199 - Exclusive
Chugawug Sergant - 1E200 - Exclusive
Explosive Arrows - 1E201 - Exclusive
Return to Sender - 1E202 - Exclusive