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Title: Needing Keys

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    Default Needing Keys

    these are the keys i need...

    Extra Fancy Key
    Bank Safe Key
    Robgoblin Key
    Elf Key
    Intricate Key

    Chest Key
    Do Not Duplicate Key
    Car Key

    Toy Chest Key
    Bike Lock Key
    Minervan Key

    Make Up Box Key
    Cash Register Key
    Cabinet Key
    Safety Lock Key

    Jeweled Key
    Key To The City
    Queen's Key
    Mayor's Key
    Chugawug Key
    Bixie Key

    Royal Key
    Lionheart Key
    Heartstone Key
    Saint's Key
    Fancy Key
    Colonel Key

    The keys in yellow are the keys that i need most, tell me the ones you got and how much coins you want for them.
    I'll tell you if i can afford it by then
    Preffered free lol!
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