I am looking for these rare cards and DoD cards with specific texts :
- Troll Queen x1 (buying , 25 K)
- Gadget Maker x3 (trading Netallie x3 or Snorg x3 or combination of these cards total up to x3)
- Return to Sender (buying , 400 K)
- Straight Shot (buying , 60 K)
- Chugawug Sergeant (buying , 80 K)

DoD : (buying each card , 40 K)
Text : When I win a battle, ready all my allies.
Text : When you flip a card during a battle, put that card in your hand instead of discarding it.
Text : All my Animal allies get +3 defense. When one of my Animal allies is about to be stunned, zap it instead.
Text : Take a creature from your discard pile and put it in your hand.

Thanks Hal for this useful guide : http://forums.station.sony.com/free...?topic_id=11122
Please PM me if you wish to trade .