Hey everyone,I am sorry that I did not get to you guys before, but I was in the middle of moving. This time I can get to you for sure. I am in need of a hammer mold, a medic story pg. 5,a wizard wand essence of fire, a frostbitten orchid, a snowy sunflower, a frozen rose,a bikelock key, a guardian key, a ruby gemmed key, a mayor's key, a general's key, a house key, a makeup box key, a cash register key, a rusty spoon, a dinner plate, a tricera-topsy skull, and a recycled tires. I will pay up to 60 coins per normal collection items, and up to 180 coins per key. I also need the critical hit warrior helmet and gloves. I can pay 17k each. We could negotiate on them, but please be reasonable.