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    Default In need of any amount of SC!

    Hi guys! Whilst buying sc has never been a pain for me, we're going through a bit of a hard time and I am unable to purchase any at this point in time. So I figured I'd turn to insiders! Below is a list of basically everyone of my tradable items I'll pretty much take any SC amount. So, lets get to this. I'd basically give everyone of these items for some SC I will trade first if you're trusted.

    SC Pink Skates
    Striped Shoes (Orange, dark purple)
    Striped Sandals (SC Grey)
    Tight Sneakers (SC Yellow)
    Toasty Winterwear Boots (CS Green)
    Strapped combat boots (Dark blue)
    Seaside Explorers Set (full) (girls)
    Orange strapped flip flops (CS Yellow, white)
    Girls Hightops non foldover (Brown)
    Dress shoes (White, SC Pink)
    Clockwork Feet (Black)
    COMPLETE Red Bulls eye archer set (red)
    Sugar Zinger
    Skull Pail (red)
    Flared Pants (SC Pink)
    Loose Skinnies (White, SC Teal)
    Short Pants (Red, dark brown, sc blue, light green, cs purple)
    Small stitched pants (Seaside blue, SC Pink)
    Briarwood explorer's midriff
    Pathfinder's midriff (x2)
    Hoodie jacket (orange, dark purple)
    One shoulder shirt (orange, white, magenta, SC Yellow)
    Sanctuary birthday shirt
    Shoshboom jacket (Seaside blue)
    Strapped long sleeve shirt Orange, white, seaside blue)
    Stapped short sleeve shirt (CS Teal)
    Shoshboom gloves (SC Pink)
    Studded gloves (SC Grey, SC Purple)
    White stitched fingerless gloves (cream)
    Skull Beanie (orange)
    Skull beanie and shades (Dark brown, CS Purple, CS Green)
    Sci-Fighter outfit (white)
    Zoot suit (Orange)

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    Default Re: In need of any amount of SC!


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