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    Default My Trading List

    i can trade:
    Big blue doll pauldrons
    Bright sun doll potions
    Dirty sanctuary water sample
    Dirty merry vale water sample
    Freezing merry vale water sample
    Mystical lakeshore water sample
    purified sanctuary water sample
    Slimy spotted snail
    Smelly spotted caterpillar
    Brawler story page 4
    Piece of silver ore
    Snowhill passion flower
    King of orange fireflies
    Lethal mushroom
    Perfume bottle
    Aunts ring
    Super sick pick (membership 13 level Cost:1431)
    Heavy trowel (membership level 1 Cost 640)
    Shards: pro postman Triangle Shard (Membership level 10 cost 1149)
    Ruby (x15)
    Malachite (x25)
    Silver ore (x54)
    Prowling Rat hakama (level 3 Cost 320)
    Can be more Jack Shadowlake

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    Default Re: My Trading List

    We'll be using this area to list your items for trade. You might want to edit your title to state that you will be at Friday's trade party.

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    Default Re: My Trading List

    What do you want for the Prowling Rat hakama (level 3 Cost 320)?

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    Default Re: My Trading List

    How much do you want for:

    Piece of Silver Ore
    King Orange Firefly
    Perfume Bottle
    Aunt's Ring

    Please respond soon.
    IGN: Chris Blazingsea
    <Elite Cardie Crew>

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