I'm not sure if I'm suppose to post this in Free Market or Open Mike... I thought Free Maarket since I was selling stuff. ANYWAYS,

My store is not doing so well. When I first posted it a few people bought stuff, so THANKS SO MUCH if you did buy stuff. (A link to my store is in my siggy. It's below the ATL lyrics.) So I thought in case some people haven't seen it you could visit it. Sorry boys, I mostly have girl clothes. However I do have some balloon wepons and a kung fu shirt. All of my stuff is low priced. Except for the stuff in the Members Only part, you will just have to name a fair price. So yeah, check it out please. I would really love it if you did!
Also, don't ask me if I have something that you want that isn't there. If I did have it it wouldn't be for sale. Thank you!