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    Default Megacorp (Reopening: 1/1/2014)

    Hello, Welcome To Megacorp
    Shop is not open yet. Please don't post.

    Shop Updates Are Random, So Check Back Soon!
    New Item's Will Be Marked
    (NEW) Before The Color.
    Item's Marked "2x" Means There Is Two In Stock, They Will Be Sold Separately.
    Holding Policy Is Two Days. (48 Hours)
    No Refunds.
    If Any Colors Are Incorrect Please Notify Me.
    You May Request To See Any Item(s) In Game.
    If you're order is not filled out correctly it may be ignored.

    Please Use The Fourm Below When Making A Purchase.
    | |
    V V

    ~Order Fourm~

    (Color) Piece(s).
    Total Price.

    (Stormcloud) Arcane Master Wizard Robe - 50k
    (Stormcloud) Arcane Master Wizard Pants - 50k
    Total Price: 100k
    IGN: Kota.
    _________________________________________________________________ _____________

    =Adding Inventory=
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    Ign: James Royallance

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