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    Icon7 Maryie's Small Shop open until 6/21/11

    Hello everyone..This is my shop that helps me raise money for a Skater Hat, as the title says I only have this shop open until 6/21/11. This is a VERY small shop, and I hope u will bump it :3
    I will be updating every 2 days or so...Hope u can find something.....


    Spoiler: show
    Pink is girls.
    Blue is guys.
    Orange is on hold
    White is everyone.


    Spoiler: show
    ( Brown ) Kisses T-Shirt...15k
    ( Whitish-Grey ) Deathly Love T-Shirt...15k
    ( Regular ) Deathly Love T-Shirt..7k
    Orange one shoulder shirt...2k


    Spoiler: show
    None atm


    Spoiler: show
    Green Alpine Boots...15k
    Regular Alpine Boots...7k
    Snowhill Explorer Boots..2k


    Spoiler: show
    Briarwood Explorer Hat...2k
    Heart♥♥♥ Antennae....7k

    ( Regular ) Insulated Winterwear hat..5k
    Pirate Hat...2k

    Face Paint:

    Spoiler: show
    Bandit FacePaint Card...7k
    Sabor Tooth FacePaint Card...7k (x2)
    Troll FacePaint Card...7k (x3)


    Spoiler: show
    Holiday Tree...1k each (x70)


    Spoiler: show
    (Pinkish-Purple) Oversized CandyCane..10k
    Red Skull Pail..15k
    Brown Paper Candy Carrier...10k

    Thanks for looking and come back soon :3
    Bumps Welcome
    Feel free to talk about pricing (:

    * Maryie *

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    Default Re: Maryie's Small Shop open until 6/21/11

    Can I buy the brown paper bag. IGN Celeste Sweetmace

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    Default Re: Maryie's Small Shop open until 6/21/11

    Can I have the Green Boots? IGN: Lèila
    Thanks ^^ are you online now?
    Last edited by FreeRealmsLeila12; 06-16-2011 at 08:17 PM.

    some nerd who's too nostalgic for their own good

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