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    Default Magicyop's Free Market-- Stop in and trade collections!

    Hi, all. Right now I'm mainly looking for Anything but I can offer a variety of collectibles. If you want something I have or have something I want, or both, post on this forum and let's work something out.

    Junkpile Stuff:
    Bamboo Doll Chest
    Bamboo Doll Weapons
    Bronze Button
    Single Button
    Tunic Button
    Bronze Collection Medal
    Casual Doll Shirt [human]
    Casual Doll Shorts [human]
    Casual Doll Pants [pixie]
    Casual Doll Ring [pixie]
    Casual Doll Boots [pixie]
    Gold Collection Medal
    Gold Basketball Trophy
    Ruined High Top
    Wave Ring
    Bio Ring
    Tidal Ring

    Icy Blue Top

    Small Striped Centipede
    Large Red Firefly
    Smart Red Firefly
    Smelly Red Firefly

    Flying Dragon Gi[Orange]
    Flying Dragon Hakama[Orange]
    Flying Dragon Wristguards[Orange]
    Flying Dragon Cowl[Orange]


    I have to trade:
    Ancient Dog Bone(x6)
    Baby Fossil(x3)
    Battle Worn Ancient Mask(x2)
    Bitty Fossil(x7)
    Brachio-sore-ous Spine(x2)
    Brittle Ancient Arrowhead(x2)
    Brittle Ancient Bone(x2)
    Brittle Ancient Chalice(x7)
    Brittle Ancient Jug(x4)
    Brittle Ancient Plate(x3)
    Brittle Ancient Statue(x2)
    Brittle Ancient Urn(x4)
    Cracked Ancient Arrowhead(x4)
    Cracked Ancient Chalice(x7)
    Cracked Ancient Mask(x3)
    Cracked Ancient Plate(x7)
    Cracked Ancient Statue(x3)
    Decorated Ancient Urn(x2)
    Dilo-Phono-Saurus Spine(x4)
    Forgotten Ancient Arrowhead(x5)
    Forgotten Ancient Bone(x7)
    Forgotten Ancient Chalice(x7)
    Forgotten Ancient Jug(x3)
    Forgotten Ancient Mask(x4)
    Forgotten Ancient Plate(x6)
    Forgotten Ancient Statue(x3)
    Forgotten Ancient Urn(x3)
    Fragile Ancient Arrowhead(x6)
    Fragile Ancient Bone(x2)
    Fragile Ancient Chalice
    Fragile Ancient Mask(x2)
    Fragile Ancient Plate(x4)
    Fragile Ancient Statue
    Fragile Ancient Urn(x3)
    Galli-Mimimimus Spine(x6)
    Great White Sharkalot Teeth
    Great White Sharkee Teeth(x2)
    Great White Sharken Teeth(x3)
    Great White Sharki Teeth(x2)
    Great White Sharko Teeth(x9)
    Great White Sharky Teeth(x3)
    Little Fossil(x2)
    Massive Ancient Jug(x2)
    Overused Ancient Plate(x3)
    Petri-dactyl Spine(x4)
    Pint-sized Fossil(x7)
    Pitiful Fossil(x5)
    Royal Ancient Chalice(x4)
    Sabertooth Cat Skull(x5)
    Sabertooth Cat Teeth(x2)
    Sabertooth Lion Skull(x4)
    Sabertooth Lion Teeth(x5)
    Sabertooth Panther Skull(x4)
    Sabertooth Panther Teeth(x6)
    Sabertooth Tiger Skull(x5)
    Sabertooth Tiger Teeth(x3)
    Seismo-trucka-saurus Spine(x5)
    Sharp Ancient Arrowhead(x3)
    Shrimp Fossil(x4)
    Stego-limp-ous Spine(x4)
    T-Rexy Spine(x3)
    Teeny Fossil(x4)
    Tera-dact-attactyl Wing(x6)
    Tera-dactyl-actyl Wing(x5)
    Tera-dactyl-opter Wing
    Tera-ditzy Wing(x5)
    Tera-dopo-lous Wing(x3)
    Tera-fopy Wing(x6)
    Tera-wacky-dactyl Wing(x2)
    Tiny Fossil(x8 )
    Treasured Ancient Arrowhead(x6)
    Treasured Ancient Bone(x4)
    Treasured Ancient Chalice(x4)
    Treasured Ancient Jug
    Treasured Ancient Mask(x5)
    Treasured Ancient Plate(x4)
    Treasured Ancient Statue(x5)
    Treasured Ancient Urn(x4)
    Tri-celopter Skull(x4)
    Trice-opo-lops Skull(x4)
    Tricer-teratops Skull(x2)
    Tricera-tips Skull(x3)
    Tricera-topsy Skull
    Tricera-Turvey Skull(x4)
    Trici-teratops Skull(x2)
    Valuable Ancient Arrowhead(x4)
    Valuable Ancient Bone
    Valuable Ancient Chalice(x6)
    Valuable Ancient Jug(x6)
    Valuable Ancient Mask(x4)
    Valuable Ancient Plate(x3)
    Valuable Ancient Statue(x5)
    Valuable Ancient Urn(x6)
    Veloci-rapture Spine(x2)
    Well Kept Ancient Bone(x3)
    Well Made Ancient Arrowhead(x7)
    Well Made Ancient Chalice(x5)
    Well Made Ancient Mask(x2)
    Well Made Ancient Plate(x2)
    Well Made Ancient Statue(x4)
    Well Made Ancient Urn
    Worshiped Ancient Statue(x5)

    Angry Checkered Ant
    Angry Checkered Centipede
    Smart Checkered Ant

    Blank Envelope
    Briarwood Postcard
    Chugawug Stamp(x2)
    Crossroads Postcard
    First Class Envelope
    Free Realms Stamp(x5)
    Gift Package(x3)
    Open Envelope(x2)
    Robgoblin Stamp(x2)
    Sealed Envelope(x3)
    Snowhill Stamp(x4)
    This Side Up(x4)
    Wax Sealed Envelope(x4)

    Boiling Sanctuary Water Sample(x2)
    Dirty Sanctuary Water Sample

    Junkpile Stuff:
    Anniversary Ring
    Bamboo Doll Arms [for the bamboo ninja doll]
    Bamboo Doll Pauldrons(x2) [for the bamboo ninja doll]
    Big Blue Doll Potions [for the big blue sky ninja doll]
    Big Blue Doll Weapons(x2) [for the big blue sky ninja doll]
    Black Bottle Cap(x2)
    Brawler Doll Shirt [Human]

    Autumn Beauty
    Black Bird of Paradise
    Black Tulip

    Finished updating! Let the posts begin!

    NOTE: I'm constantly gaining more duplicates so I might have something not listed here. If you have one of the things on my want list(Or are looking for something, at the moment, fossils in particular) just ask about the thing you want and I'll check if I have it. Thanks!
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    Icon1 Re: Magicyop's Free Market-- Stop in and trade collections!

    Hello magicyop, you must hang out alot in blackspore. Well i am interested in your ancient arrowheads (one of each except a fragile ancient arrow head). I unfortionatly have no fossils that you dont have but i have a ton of other stuff.

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    Default Re: Magicyop's Free Market-- Stop in and trade collections!

    Heya! Yes indeed-- I just finished my fossil collection last night, so I edited this out with the fossils I was previously asking for. I'd be glad to trade you some arrowheads, though! I'm not sure what I'll start collecting next, but anything you have duplicates of would be fun ^_^

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    Default Re: Magicyop's Free Market-- Stop in and trade collections!

    I need a lot of your fossils... check out my Free Market thread and let me know if you need any of my extras, and when is a good time to meet up in-game.

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