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Title: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    It's sad to see someone leaving but it's for a good reason. I'll join! IGN: Epik R0ckZ (It's with a zero)

    IGN: Epik R0ckZ, Thanks to Kayopuro for the avvie and siggy.

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    Ohh I wanna enter I probably won't win though I'm not good at these things LOL IGN: Kiyah Loner
    IGN: кιуαн
    My Shop

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    this is very nice of you (: but sad for you to leave , i hope you visit sometimes! I will enter (: IGN: Dawn73 thnx again for hosting this!
    Narwhales. Bai.

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    This is a great way to celebrate the Lunar New Year This is so nice of you to have a giveaway. But I'm sad that you are leaving
    I would love to enter. Thank you!
    IGN: Epic Bryndon

    IGN: Epic Bryndon
    ALT: Naomi Sapphirestar

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    Sports shades
    IGN:Jayda Majesticgem
    It's will be a bit less fun without you .I'm gonna miss you another awesome fr player . Your so nice to be doing this its really generous of you ^^.
    im gonna try to make you an e-card and post it on your wall . It's sad to see friends leave . But school does come before games so that was a pretty respectable decision. And good luck in that world to lol . Visit back here everyonce in while to you won't be forgotten
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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    It's always sad to see someone go but, unfortunately, this is a game alot of ppl will out grow. I'm sure you'll have many fond memories, which are as valuable as the things you are generously giving away. Best of luck in all you do and if I do see you ingame I'll be sure to say hi!

    Ign: Siobhan Emeraldcastle

    ......and Happy Lunar New Year!
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    "I'll get you my pretties!"

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    This is so nice of you! But, I hope you'll have an amazing time and good luck in life! We'll surely miss you!

    So far I'm looking for coins and shades sadly. I'm like broke and I need something new for me.

    IGN - Rinn Kagamine

    Sayonara Free Realms.
    I can be found on DC Universe Online. IGN - Suya
    I can also be found here.

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    This is so sweet!=D I'll enter for any(: As everybody above me said, we will forever and always miss you! <3 It's year of the snake! <3
    Ign: Härry (Might change soon)
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    This ends on a good note.

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    How wonderful, and very thoughtful of you , but its sad that your leaving, I celebrate New years ^_^. IGN: Zumaki

    P.S Happy New Years! Hope you get good grades(:
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    [Insert Cheesy Cliche, inspirational, speech here]
    When it's all over, I'm going to be honest... I actually did think you should have laid off the chips.

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    Default Re: Lunar New Year Giveaway!

    Quote Originally Posted by Megann View Post
    Hi guys ! In celebration of Lunar New Year (not sure if you celebrate it, but I do, hehe) , I am giving away the following:

    -Sports Shades (BIG, RIGHT???)

    -550,000 Coins

    -Green Pet Trainer Pants

    Another reason why I'm giving these goodies away is because I'm not interested in playing Free Realms anymore. Sure, I'm on and off quite frequently, but I think that other people would appreciate these items/coins more than I do. And with me being a very busy student, I probably won't have much time for gaming this year.

    But I'm going to miss my shades..they're like, my babies!!

    Anyways, like what most people do during giveaways, I will be entering names in a random generator to pick the 3 winners. One for sports shades, one for the half-mill coins, and one for the green pet trainer pants.


    -If you get chosen, pleaseeee don't put my items up for sale as soon as you get them (with the coins being the exception, of course.) That would just leave me heartbroken T^T !!

    -You must have been an FRI member for at least two weeks.

    -When you post to enter for a chance to win one of the items, just make sure to say your IGN. Don't be shy

    -If you already have sports shades/green pet trainer pants, or are in no need of coins, I would prefer that you don't participate in this drawing. I'd like to give others a chance to obtain these items..but hey, nobody's stopping you.

    I will be announcing the winners on 2/14! I'll also send them PMs regarding on what time to trade in-game.

    Good luck to you all!

    Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!~

    Can i enter in for the coins please?

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