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    Default Looking for SC card!

    Hi everyone! It has been such a long time since I've been on here. Anyway, I've recently gotten onto FR and noticed many new items have been added to the SC store.

    I'm looking for a $5 SC card (if possible), but if not, a $10 one.

    My offer is:

    - White Orange Kerchief Midriff
    - White Mother's Day Sunflower
    - White Cardigan Sweater
    - Aqua Stitched Capris
    And I could throw in some extra vaultberry rares to up the total value for a $10 card - please PM me. (I will not trade all items above for a $5 card.)

    I don't have any TCG or vaults.

    I am comfortable with trading first if you are trustworthy and well-known.

    Please let me know if you are interested! c:

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    Default Re: Looking for SC card!

    i might be able to get you a card.
    i can most likely get you a 10, hard to find 5s where i live

    i'll see if i can get one and i'll let you know, could you PM a list of your other vaultberry?
    IGN: Broski

    buying old school, PM me :]

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