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    Default Looking to purchase Elite Kart Driver [Please Read]

    Hi there. Kart Driver is by far one of my favorite things in Free Realms. In fact, if it wasn't for the community here (...or housing!) and Kart Driver, I would have quit by now. I've always *virtually* dreamed of Elite Kart Driver, preferably black, although pink would be nice (I'm just lying to myself about not wanting pink so I don't get sad when it's like 20m for the set .)

    Personally, my favorite of the 3 sets is the Maximum Velocity/Celerity (if you're confused, this looks like the new Crankshaft clothing.) So on my want list, this is up there, but I mean, I'd be interested in ALL elite kart if you have any that you are interested in trading/selling.

    Please post/pm/talk to me in-game. I am very eager to just see your magnificent elite kart driver...!

    I have coins, boys' ORIGINAL vault clothing (Free-Style/Combat/Non-Combat), and... hmm... I don't know exactly. Maybe you'd take some eggnog-consumables for the elite {if you drink 2 at the same time, you ... vomit. As a chicken. TMI}

    So again, I'm looking for ANY elite kart driver clothing, black or pink. We can talk about prices/trades once I know you have it!

    Thanks for reading my boring post. I hope you chuckled and don't hate me because it was such a bore/pain to read.

    Aaron Esko <Insiders>

    (^^Marley! But don't forget Bubba, Buddy, Duke, Jasper, and my other 47 pets!)

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    Default Re: Looking to purchase Elite Kart Driver [Please Read]

    Good Luck Aaron If i see Some ill Get it o-O

    "Always Be Yourself, Because The people Who Mind Don't Matter and The People Who Matter Don't Mind."
    Dr. Seuss.

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