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    Default Looking for Medals!

    I am looking for the following medals:

    Bronze Medals:
    Bronze Hide and Seek Medal
    Bronze Tag Medal
    Bronze Collection Medal
    Bronze Swimming Medal
    Bronze Explorer Medal
    Bronze Jokester Medal

    Silver Medals:
    Silver Racing Medal
    Silver Hide and Seek Medal
    Silver Tag Medal
    Silver Collection Medal
    Silver Swimming Medal
    Silver Explorer Medal
    Silver Gamer Medal

    Gold Medals:
    Gold Racing Medal
    Gold Collection Medal
    Gold Explorer Medal
    Gold Jokester Medal

    Honorable Mention Medals:

    Helping Hand Medal
    Never Giving Up Medal
    Intuitive Medal
    Honesty Medal
    Bravery Medal

    Medals of Honor:
    Pixies Medal of Honor
    Robgoblins Medal of Honor

    Unique Medals:
    Silver Lining Medal
    Life Energy Medal

    Kinda funny that I have found many robgoblin junkpiles and yet I'm missing so many medals.. oh well, I will keep looking, but if you have one that I need and are willing to trade I will be very grateful!

    By the way, I will trade 1,000 coins (or a little more) for each medal!

    Also, if you prefer, I will trade you items for the medals, such as keys. Here are the keys I have available to trade:
    Spoiler: show
    Bank Safe Key
    Bike Lock Key
    Bixie Key
    Bread Box Key
    Car Key
    Chest Key (x2)
    Chugawug Key
    Do Not Duplicate Key
    Extra Fancy Key
    General's Key (x2)
    Guardian Key (x3)
    Heartstone Key
    Intricate Key
    Jewel Encrusted Key
    Jeweled Key (x2)
    Jewelry Box Key
    King's Key
    Lionheart Key (x2)
    Locker Key (x2)
    Makeup Box Key (x3)
    Mansion Key
    Master Key
    Mayor's Key
    Minivan Key (x2)
    Queen's Key (x2)
    Robgoblin Key (x3)
    Royal Key (x2)
    Safe Key
    Safety Deposit Box Key
    Safety Lock Key
    Shackles Key (x3)
    Spare Car Key
    Toy Chest Key (x2)

    Note: I will trade no more than two keys per medal.

    I have other collections I could trade for medals, I just posted keys because they seem to be quite popular.
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    Default Re: Looking for Medals!

    I have silver lining medal
    i am online now so whisper to me and ill add you.
    ign: Mark Bruckner
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