These are the ones I'm looking for.

Punker Pants - 350k or Chatdy backpack or Pick axe
Ceremonial Jeweled axe - 200k-300k or Chatdy backpack or pick axe

*Long Sleeve flare Shirt(Sunrise, Stormcloud)
*Short Sleeve flair Shirt(Mantis, Sunrise)
*Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt(Stormcloud)
*Striped Shirt(Stormcloud, Sunrise)
*High tops(stormcloud)

*Stripped Polo (Stormcloud)
*One Stripe Shirt (Stormcloud)

*Thermal Winterwear Hat(Stormcloud, stonesurf)
*Rugged Winterwear Pants (Stormcloud)

Now the Items below are what I can offer for the items above:

Vault berry:
*Hoodies(Cloverleaf, Bubblegum)
*Layered Shirts(Bubblegum, Twilight, Turbo)
*Rolled sleeve shirt(Ocean)
*Swirly Shirts(Turbo, Ocean)
*Three quarter Plaids(Turquoise, Shadestone)
*Baggy Jeans(Stormcloud, Cloverleaf)
*Boot Cut Pants(Midnight, Turbo, Cloverleaf, Thunderbird)
*Cargo Shorts(Aqua, Turbo)
*Work boots(Sunrise, Stormcloud, Stonesurf)

*Flannels(Cloverleaf, Blizzard)
*One Stripe shirts(Ocean, Allspice, Bubblegum)
*Stripped Polos(Cloverleaf)
*Swimmer Shirts(Stonesurf, Rubyburst, Honeydew, Mantis)
*White Stitched gloves(Cloverleaf, Matis)

*Bomber Jacket(Toasty, Amethyst)
*Beige-Strapped Fedora(Bubblegum)
*Gold tipped Work boots(Tan)
*Grappling hook Pants(Mantis, Ocean, Shadestone)

*Rugged winterwear Hat(Mantis)
*Rugged winterwear Gloves(Mantis, amethyst, honeydew, Twilight, Allspice)
*Sub Arctic winterwear Hats(Thunderbird, Toasty, Twilight)

I can offer coins or girls VB for the items I'm looking for.