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    Default Looking for DoD Hero Cards

    Hello. I would like to trade your DoD for my DoD. I will consider paying you coin, if you'd rather just sell yours.

    I am looking for the following DoDs:

    • 5 card duelists, level 20 (keep cards flipped during battle)
    • 1 postman, level 20 (flip an extra card if i am battling)
    • 6 chef, level 20 (allies get +2 attack/defense)

    I have the following DoDs to offer:

    • Ninja level 20 (4 coins, score a card): Grayson Thunderray (1)
    • Archer level 20 (spend a # of coins eqal to opponent's creature, destroy that creature): Grayson Thunderrocks (1)
    • Wizard lvel 20 (whenever you chase a creature, gain a number of coins equal to that creature): Tigress Thundersea (1)

    btw, i do realize that my DoDs are less than the number of DoDs that i want. i ordered more over a month ago and expect them soon (without the (TM)) and will update when they arrive.

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    Default Re: Looking for DoD Hero Cards

    I'll trade a level 20 postman for your ninja card.
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