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    Icon2 LOOKING FOR: (Archer's) Beloved Bow

    Old: The title pretty much explains. I've played the Stone Heart's Hideaway battles so many times, I've memorized many of which enemies go after which turned-good enemies in what order, who attacks first, and yet I still haven't been able to win the Archer's Beloved Bow.

    If anyone is willing to sell one for 25,000 coins, a kitty face paint/flower/starry moons face paint style card or Bandit/saber-toothed/phantom face paint style card (kitty options for girls, bandit options for boys), Heart Antennae, and Broken Heart t-shirt... that would be greatly appreciated!

    This is what I'm offering ... have a great day!

    Never mind! I got it =D
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    Have a great day!

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