Why hello frontiers! Seems as if you are walking to the road of betrayal eh? Why not come and trade with me!

Items that I would love to carry in my travel sack:

Sc purple stripped tank-top
Aqua stripped tank-top
Sc green stripped tank top~ main priority
Ocean stripped tank top
Sc pink stripped tank top
Sc pink cardigan sweater

Sc pink stitched capris
Sc green stitched capris
Ocean stitched capris

Sc green strapped shoes~main priority
Aqua strapped shoes
Ocean strapped shoes

If you would like to take a look of what I have IG, Wouldn't mind for you to catch a peek. Remember, my shop if the skate shop in Snowhill. Today is my annual Trade n' Save day. Sc and CS colors are acceptable! Be on server one and come on down to the Request Market. I will be there!