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    Default Lexi's Siggie and Avie Shop

    Welcome to my new shop. I've made this shop because i enjoy working on computer editing programs and picture editing programs. Everything is free here and all extra things that i do not offer are also free.

    1) All pictures are suppose to be taken before your order is posted
    2) You must pick up your Avie or Siggie and let me know so i can delete it.
    3) Items only can be hold for so long. Must leave a Private Message for a hold. Items can only be holded for 24 hours or it will be deleted.
    5) 3 applications a day no more than 3. If you go over the limit you will be getting a Private Message saying pick the 3 orders you would like
    6) You pick the things that you want so if you get something you don't like TO BAD. You picked it you got what you want.

    Applications will be added to the next post soon
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