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    Default Lexi's Luxurious Store

    Thermal Winterwear gloves 10k
    Toasty Winterwear pants 10k
    Collections 50 coins each
    A bag of Gumballs
    Bent Fork
    Big Blue doll chest
    Bright sun doll pants
    Broken Pine Cone
    Bronze Swimming Medal
    Casual doll ring
    Chilled Tulip
    Fancy Button
    Frostbitten daisy
    Frosty Carnation
    Frozen Sunflower
    Glacial Lily
    Glacial Orchid
    Glass Bowl
    Icy Tulip
    Lightning Bolt Jersey
    Petite Ring
    Robgoblin Apple
    Royal doll pants
    2x Sanctuary Strikers Cleats
    Small pine cone
    Smelly Sneaker
    Snowhill doll shoes
    Snowhill sliders Cleats
    Snowy Daffodil
    Snowy Daisy
    Snowy Sunflower
    Soccer sprinters Cleats
    Teradactyl actyl wing
    Toxic Mushroom
    Well made Ancient mask
    Wet Snowhill leaf
    Wintery Daffodil
    Recipe Foods 200 coins
    2x Royal Stew Dy Jour
    Oddly colored omelette
    3x Sizzling snowberry saute
    3x Starnut Sundae
    3x Glerga's Gourmet Goulash
    3x Burnetta's Curious Creation
    Supplies 150 coins each
    6x Birthday boomer
    2x Fruit cake
    6x Garland firework
    3x Bell cut out cookies
    3x Unmoving Sphere Free
    9x Anniversary Silly String
    4x Snowballs
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