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    Default Laylanai's Shop of Excitement

    Welcome to Laylanai's Shop of Excitement
    Please read my rules before buying

    Thank you!

    Spoiler: show
    1. First Come First Serve.
    2. No Fighting over Items. If I see fighting over an item neither of you will get that item.
    3. Please don't PM me about that item so I will look at it first. I will ignore them. Only PM me about contacting me AFTER I have accepted your offer.
    4. Please be nice to one and other.
    5. I DON'T hold.
    6. I'm only accepting coins at the moment. If you have an offer of SC please PM me.
    7. If your offering SC and I accept your offer I DO NOT TRADE FIRST. Simply because if the code doesn't work, you could easily slip away.
    8. Please only post if your buying.
    And my most important rule.
    9. Please leave your IGN(In Game Name) After you offer, Or else I can not contact you IG and I will have to wait a while. I'm not that patient

    What I'm Buying:

    Please use this forum when you're buying or I will Ignore your post.

    Spoiler: show
    Yellow Alien Mask-5k
    Grey Bee Antennae-5k
    Black and Yellow Striped Beanie 5k each

    Spoiler: show
    Dark Blue Cardigan Sweater-50k
    Orange Ruffled Blouse-75k
    Dark Purple Genin Ninja Gi(MAO)
    Red Dark Purple and Black Alien Shirts 5k each

    Spoiler: show

    Blue Board Shorts-5k
    Red Small Snitched Pants-5k

    Spoiler: show
    Amethyst Cage Rolled Derby Shoes(MAO)

    Trading ALL of these items and My Coins in the Bank FOR......

    Spoiler: show
    White or Black Beret

    Coins in the Bank:

    If your looking to accept my offer for everything in my shop and coins please PM me, THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Default Re: Laylanai's Shop of Excitement

    Its against the rules to make a MAO shop.

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    Default Re: Laylanai's Shop of Excitement

    Hello Laylanai,

    May I buy these please:
    Black Alien Pants -5k
    Dark Purple Non-Fold Hightops 40k
    Total: 45k
    IGN - Thanks

    Thanks for the trade!
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    Default Re: Laylanai's Shop of Excitement

    Thanks for the quick trade Thanks! LOL

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