Here I will be selling items I've got for COINS or SC but none of it will have an SC value, I'm sure.

I can hold items for 24 Hours only.
First to Post, first to Receive.
Don't post any rude comments.
Stay on topic - FRI Rule.



Girls Items:
Spoiler: show

Sunrise Toasty Winterwear Hat - 7k
Cloverleaf Toasty Winterwear Hat - 7k

Bubblegum Blouse Vest - 18k
Sunrise Dark Shouldered Midriff - 25k
Cloverleaf One Shoulder Shirt - 18k
Honeydew Rolled Sleeve Hoodie - 21k
Blizzard Ruffled Blouse - 19k
Allspice Striped Ruffled Blouse - 18k
Midnight Vest Blouse - 21k

Sunrise Flared Pants - 16k
Honeydew Layered Skirt - 18k
Shadestone Layered Skirt - 20k

Turbo Insulated Winterwear Boots - 29k