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Title: Known Free Realms Trade Scammers

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    Default Known Free Realms Trade Scammers

    This post will contain a list of known FR and FRI trade scammers.

    FRI name - FR name
    Ninja X - Newninjax, Newwizardx, Newarcherx, Supreme Ninja
    OAG1 - Alex Gabriel, Wizzard Pixie, Alex Lek, Alex Fluffy
    FR: Brendan Majesticknight
    FR: Brittany Grimeydisc
    Yoozer Name
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    Default Re: Known Free Realms Trade Scammers

    We are asking our members to please remember that our Free Market is trade at your own risk. We cannot ensure the accuracy or that a trade will be completed. Those names listed above have been fully investigated by our staff after multiple complaints on our forum. Adding any name to this list is our last resort.

    Please report any trade complaints to our staff. We will review the situation and take appropriate actions in the matter. Reporting a trade or thread does not mean the user will be banned from our forums.

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