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    Icon6 Jennz 's Shop!

    YeHey Everyone,
    I've decided to make a shop so here's what I have to offer.

    Cards For Trade:
    -Angry Yeti
    -Invading Bixie Mag
    -Onion Breath
    -Nuggino the Swift 4x

    -Changeling Cook
    -Mutated Tree Soldier
    -Tree Leaf's Retreat

    -Dwarven Salvager
    -Offensive Driver
    -Under the Hood
    -Fast Talk
    -Squeaky Wheel
    -Turbo Charged
    -Chugawug Builder
    -Victory Lap

    -Chugawug Sentry
    -Pastry Chef
    -Alive Again
    -Wake up Call
    -Heavy Stomp
    -Camp Cook
    -Bogged Down
    -Cannonball 2x
    -Easy Target
    -Kitchen Clean up
    -Two for won

    (I don't have many Nature or Chaos cards at the moment but i'm currently recieving more as you are reading this)
    -girls only
    Clothes For Trade:
    -Alpine Winterwear hat
    -Insulated Winterwear hat
    -Toasty Winterwear hat
    -Green Vault Sunglasses
    -Balloon Hats (I have lots if you are looking for a certain 1 in a certain color please state with offer)

    -Deathly Love T-Shirt (Redish Pink)(traded)
    -Broken Heart T-Shirt (White)
    -Heart T-Shirt (Turqouise and Green)
    -Magenta One Shoulder Shirt
    -Robgoblin T-Shirt (Dark Blue and White)
    -Striped T-Shirt (Dark Purple and Red)
    -Wild T-Shirt (Light Blue, Red, Bright Blue, Tan)

    -Board Shorts (Lime Green, Red, Blue, Turqouise)
    -White Layered Skirt
    -Green Stitched Capris

    -Alpine Winterwear Boots
    -Fold over High tops (Pink and Orange)
    -Pink Peeptoe Pumps
    -Pink Sporty Sandals

    Adventurer Weapons:
    -Star Shot Candle
    -Yellow Mother 's Day Bouquet
    -Stone Heart's Harp

    Well, thats all I have for the moment. I Will be getting more soon. I'd rather trade then sell because I'm not really looking for money but just post what you want and your offer and i'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.
    Also, If you have any Girls clothes or Vr's you would like to sell or trade me Please post those too. thanks (:
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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    Can you put the goth pants and white broken heart T-shirt on hold? I would really appreciate it!
    My first crush was in 1st grade...Dun remember who, but it was probably one of the Wiggles or something xD
    -Princess Claire, aka my crazy yet lovable sissy (:

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    How much for the Magenta One Shoulder Shirt and the Goth Pants

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    -Heart T-Shirt (Turqouise)
    can i get this for 10k?
    Cody Moonhero
    server 1
    <Im Back>

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    I'll pay
    15,000 for the Alligator Suit
    2, 500 for the Fire Hydrant head
    20,000 for the Hip Hop Boom Box
    2,500 for the Crazy Coin Scroll
    2,500 for the Bag of Angel Feathers

    I'll pay 12,500 Coins for all of these:

    -Alpine Winterwear hat
    -Insulated Winterwear hat
    -Toasty Winterwear hat
    -Alpine Winterwear Boots

    So If you agree to everything, thats 55,000

    IGN: Dorian Silvervale

    Dorian Silvervale & Baron Von Boomer

    Her Majesty's Secret Service

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    Crazy Coin Scroll 5k
    -Alpine Winterwear Boots 20k
    -Fold over High tops (Pink and Orange) 10k
    -Pink Peeptoe Pumps 5k

    those prices good for you

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    Could i buy:
    Onion Breath x1-2.5k
    Turbo Charged x1-2.5k

    Oh, I have some Girls Clothes and VR's

    Brambleback Broiler Ring VR
    Kitty Frog Collar VR
    Pink Sporty Sandals
    Last edited by Leocuta; 07-29-2010 at 12:40 PM.
    Anyone need anything Boys Only, Combat or anything else except Girls Only PM me

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    how much for the green stitched capris can i buy it for 11,000
    peek-A-boo , jasmine c u merry christmas

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    This is a cool shop, Jen jen, nice! Keep it up!

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    Default Re: Jennz 's Shop!

    Ill pay for the goth pants jennz

    Proud Leader of <Renegade>
    I have won 1 TCG Tourney and I have maxed all jobs!

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