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    Default Items I'm Looking for..

    Hello. O_O I am looking for some of the items, I am just going to tell you right now.........


    Just because, I loose track of what players say, sorry and no offense. ^^

    Okay Here is what items I am looking for.

    *Physical Vr's such as**

    *Toyger Whistle
    *Ceremonial Bonesaw
    *Physical Booster Packs
    *Ceremonial Hammer
    *Ceremonial Mantis Bow

    *Pointy Pickaxe

    And others, Like Hasty Mailing shorts (ANY COLOR)

    I can offer girls vaultberries, ect or Vr's like Briarristing Bow (whatever its called)

    I am mainly looking for the Physical ones, if you want something else we will discuss in in-game, It does not mean i cant offer other items!
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