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    Default International Trading Lounge

    Welcome To the International Trading Lounger
    I am trading rares for coins or a rare (depends):
    Subartic Hat = 250,000 coins
    Black Pants = 10,000 or 5,000

    Items for these items:
    Subartic Hat = Tcg Shadow Blade
    Black Pants = Orange Flannel

    Tcg Trades:
    I am giving away a Medic Shard and about 10 cards for a plant mask or any vr that you would like to trade for it.

    Lvl 20 Collection:
    If you would like archer or ninja or brawler collection I will be glad to do the work for you and get it for you.If you would like warrior I will also be glad too.

    Also selling:
    Lvl 16 Ninja Blade for half price
    Green Collar Stripe Shirt
    Archer bows for half price
    Crab Cakes 75% off

    I have much more stuff its just I can't remember all of them.... My name in game is Drew Spikebill I will contact you soon if you want to trade

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    Default Re: International Trading Lounge

    250,000 Coins for a Subarctic Winterwear hat?
    i Bought mine for 30,000 coins From Renzo
    My Youtube My Xfire
    My Second Youtube channel
    Status: Quit FR and FRI, Will occasionally check notifications.

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    Default Re: International Trading Lounge

    How much for the flannel your selling and could you put it on hold for me.
    Shaows, Amber Fiestymask
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