Free Realms has recently posted the following message from Lead Enforcer 01 regarding trade scamming:

Lead Enforcer01 sent this to me today via special delivery. I would urge all citizens of Free Realms to read this very carefully and tell all of your friends as soon as possible!! - Scarlet

Attention Citizens of Free Realms-

This is a Public Service Announcement from the Office of Lead Enforcer01. In order to create a more secure and fair trade environment, I have instructed the Enforcement Department to begin a CRACK DOWN on all players who attempt to engage in Trade Scams or trick other players into giving them their items. Going forward, all trade scammers will be subject to the maximum disciplinary action permitted including immediate suspension with review for account banishment.

Please make sure that when you are making a trade with another player you receive what you agreed upon and give what you promised. Thank you for your cooperation.


Lead Enforcer01
Account Termination Manager
Sony Online Entertainment
You can view the original post HERE.