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    Icon5 I'm buying....

    This is what I'm looking to buy! I AM trying to earn them, so if I get them, I will cross them out! Heres what I need! ALL ITEMS ARE AND WILL BE BOUGHT BY COINS ONLY! Each is 10,000 coins! Please whisper Shadow Ninjarocker or PM me to set up a date for trade!

    Arcane Master Wizard Robe
    Critical Hit Gauntlets
    Critical Hit Tunic
    Critical Hit Breeches

    Stopping Power Gloves

    Finishing Blacksmith Boots
    Finishing Blacksmith Shirt
    Finishing Blacksmith Goggle guard
    Fully Loded Miner Pants
    Fully Loded Miner Boots
    Jonin Chest
    Arcane Master Talisman

    Thank you!

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