Hello everyone! =) I made a buying and trading market. So far I am working on getting the stock ready, so I will need to get 'at least' 3 of each item. The items will be minor for awhile. Right now, I am have random things to sell. (Only one type of thing to sell xP)
Mystery Chests 1k *8x*
I will trade the following for any kind of cardian sweater except brown (Don't know if a spell it right or not xP) but I truly want a Honeydew colored one)
1x Bee Antennae, 1x White-ish Designer Gloves, 1x Light Purple Rolled Sleeve Hoodie, 1x Beige Vest Blouse, 1x White-ish Gold-Buckled Knee-High Boots, and 1x Molten Precursor Hover Boots.