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    Default Re: Hasty Mailing shorts

    Quote Originally Posted by Dems1 View Post
    Hey Ikluce . I don't got any orange old school,but do u need any of that for the light blue postman shorts?
    Icy rapid shot cap (Archer)
    Rosepetal street scrapper cap (Brawler)
    Mahogany hasty mailing hat (Postman)
    Icy trick shot gloves (Archer)
    Icy soaring eagle gloves (Ninja)
    Icy hasty mailing shirt (Postman)
    Berrybright express delivery skirt (Postman,girls only)
    Icy diving hawk tabi boots (Ninja)
    Rosepetal street scrapper pauldrons (Brawler)
    Berrybright great velocity shoes (kart driver)

    or these old vaults:
    Orange pink small sweater

    Orange layered skirt

    My name is Dems.

    just saying on the skirt and blouse..... Lkl is a guy

    p.s i edited my post sooo shaes for bother = easy trade
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