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Title: GL's Market

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    Default GL's Market

    Member items in this color.
    New items this color.

    Double Bun Hairstyle Card (SC, girls only) for 4000 Coins Each (4 card only), PM to get one.
    A card to-
    A card to-
    A card to-
    A card to-

    Pending Trades:
    Spoiler: show
    Current Trades

    Freestyle clothes:
    Spoiler: show
    Freestyle Clothes
    Im selling freestyle clothes from merchants with lower prices.They are also for boys and girls.
    Normal clothes - 200 coins
    Pink clothes - 900 coins

    Collection Items:
    Spoiler: show
    Collection Items
    Each key is 1000 coins
    Cash Register Key x2
    Chest Key
    Colonel's Key
    Elf Key
    Intricate Key
    Jail Cell Key
    Makeup Box Key
    Master Key
    Locker Key
    Robgoblin Key
    Shackles Key x2

    Medals and Trophies:
    Each medal is 500 coins and each trophy is 300 coins.
    Bronze Bike Riding Trophy
    Bronze Hide and Seek Medal x2
    Bronze Marathon Trophy
    Bronze Hiding Medal
    Capture The Flag Trophy
    Dueling Trophy
    Giving 110% Medal
    Gold Bowling Trophy x2
    Gold Explorer Medal
    Gold Golfing Trophy x2
    Gold Racing Medal x2

    Highest Ranked Trophy
    Humans Medal Of Honor
    Intuitive Medal
    Silver Bascketball Trophy
    Silver Bike Riding Trophy
    Silver Cheerleading Trophy x2
    Silver Gamer Medal
    Silver Golfing Trophy
    Silver Hide and Seek Medal
    Silver Lining Medal x2
    Silver Marathon Trophy
    Trolls Medal Of Honor

    For more collection items PM me or post reply. =) Also selling crafts for 20 each.

    Job Equipment:
    Spoiler: show
    Job Equipment
    Quick Shot Gloves (purple) 200C

    Fast Food Shirt (yellow, vault) 2000C

    Savory Service Pants (blue, vault) 2000C
    Fast Food Shoes (orange, vault) 2000C
    Fast Food Shoes (green, vault) 2000C

    Demo Derby Driver
    Wacky Crash Helmet (blue, vault) 2000C
    Crazy Crunch Shirt (purple, vault) 4000C
    Booming Bumb Pants (blue, vault) 10000C
    Crazy Crunch Pants (red, vault) 3000C
    Wild Crash Boots (yellow, vault) 5000C
    Crazy Crunch Boots (blue, vault) 2000C

    Kart Driver
    Great Velocity Jersey (yellow, vault) 3000C
    Great Velocity Jersey
    (purple, vault) 3000C
    High Speed Jersey (orange, vault) 3000C
    High Speed Jersey (green, vault) 3000C
    High Speed Shoes (red, vault) 2000C
    High Speed Shoes (orange, vault) 2000C

    Field Support Gloves (yellow) 200C

    Dirt Farmer Hat (tan, vault) 2000C
    Dirt Farmer Gloves (purple, vault) 2000C
    Dirt Farmer Shirt (purple, vault) 4000C
    Dirt Farmer Shirt (magenta, vault) 4000C
    Dirt Farmer Pants (blue, vault) 3000C
    Dirt Farmer Pants (orange, vault) 3000C

    Soccer Star
    Floren Feint Jersey 5000C

    Daring Champion Helm (orange) 200C
    Valiant Guardian Tunic (brown) 200C
    Valiant Guardian Breeches (brown) 200C

    Lunar Enchanted Short Cloak (magenta) 200C

    Blue Texted Weapons:

    Spoiler: show
    Blue Texted Weapons
    Natures Root 10000C

    Spoiler: show
    Showing places or tokens for 200C each
    Helping to make quests for 300C each
    Helping in battles for 250C each
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