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Title: Ginny's Shop

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    Default Ginny's Shop

    These are all items that I have up for grabs.
    Please when asking for an item if you are not on my friend list or guild member please let me know your FR name date time and server you would like to met up. Well let me know FR name for any trade I get confused LOL
    I Will update when I can

    Axe sharpener
    Boiling Nettleseed water sample
    boiling sanctuary water sample x2
    boiling seaside water sample x2
    brawler story page 3 x2
    brawler story page 6 x3
    checkmate sea snail
    clean nettleseed water sample
    clean seaside water sample
    dirty seaside mixture
    dirty seaside water sample
    freezing lakeshore water sample
    freezing nettleseed water sample
    freezing seaside water sample
    fresh shell
    Hammer ergonomic grip
    hammer essence of earth
    hammer mold
    magical lakeshore water sample x2
    magical nettleseed water sample
    magical seaside water sample x2
    mystical nettleseed water sample x3
    noxious mushroom
    old button mushroom
    queen sea snail
    saber tooth panther teeth
    saber tooth tiger teeth
    sandy shell
    smart checkered spider
    smelly portobella mushroom
    toxic sanctuary water sample x2
    Valuable ancient urn
    warrior story page 2 X2
    wizard story page 5
    yellow mushroom

    Anguish aid bonesaw Medic level 11
    Good Grief Hammer Medic level 3
    Pro Warrior Hammer warrior level 10
    twisted blade ninja level 5
    Cudgel warrior level 1 (green)
    Laminated Bow Archer level 13
    Lunar Enchanted wand Wizard level 5

    if there is a * next to it it is members only
    * brittle phantasmal triangle shard any combat level 5
    Dull eternal Necklace any combat level 1
    *hardwood phantasmal ring any combat level 5
    glowing phantasmal triangle shard any combat level 1
    smooth infernal necklace any combat level 10

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    Default Re: Ginny's Shop

    Question. Do you still have all of this?
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