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Title: Genie Sword?

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    Default Genie Sword?

    Hey Everyone Thomasdc01 Here. Recently i have been on a SC cut in my life
    And the day i start my no SC time.. They bring out.. The Chest of Wonders!
    I thought that the new sword looked awesome. So far nobody is willing to sell theirs for a somewhat reasonable price. I was wondering if anyone was selling this lovely sword for a price that i can at least get close too. Thanks Guys. If you need to talk my IGN is Beefaroo

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    Default Re: Genie Sword?

    I have one.... but IDK if im trading it IDK you can offer fir it
    IGN: Arie Flamingheart

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    Default Re: Genie Sword?

    I hope you get one! I want one too

    True story!

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