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Title: ~ Gear <3 ~

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    Default ~ Gear <3 ~

    Hihi !
    Its a make an offer
    I'm selling some NINJA gear...
    Heres what I have

    Purple chunin ninja cowl
    Dark Bllue Jonin ninja Cowl
    red chunin ninja cowl
    Orange Chunin Ninja wristguards
    Green soke ninja wristguards
    Ember chunin ninja gi
    orange soke ninja hakama
    teal soke ninja hakama
    red soke ninja tabi boots
    orange chunin ninja tabi boots
    orange chunin ninja shoulderguard
    dark green soke ninja shoulderguard
    light green soke ninja shoulderguard

    TY TY TY TY TY <3

    ~Dango Daikazoku!~

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    Default Re: ~ Gear <3 ~

    Make an offer threads are not longer allowed...

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