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    Default Re: Friendforever's Market!! Updated 9/6!!

    Quote Originally Posted by friendforever View Post
    Please, lets just set up a time, it will be a lot easier for me. I'm in EST, and don't get home until around 6:30 pm.

    Ok, what time is good for you?? As I said when I quoted Slim, those are my times.
    If you're online right now, I could log on.
    Arrgghh, nevermind . You logged off right when I posted this...

    Anyway, I get home at 3PM EST, so we should be able to work out a time. Just tell me like 20min ahead of time so I can load the game.
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    Default Re: Friendforever's Market!! Updated 9/9!!

    Hi freindforever, can i trade for:
    Frostbitten orchid (2)
    do you want me to give you coins? if so, how much?
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