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Title: Flowers!!!

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    Default Flowers!!!

    I really want to get more flowers to complete my collections. There are quite a few I need, and I also have some that I will give away. You can find me on Server One. My FreeRealms name is Sarah Swiftheel. Post below if you have the ones I need, or tell me the ones you want.

    These are the flowers I need:
    Wintery Daffodil
    Glacial Carnation
    Wintery Lily
    Glacial Lily
    Wintery Orchid
    Purple Tulip
    White Tulip
    Snowhill Moon Flower
    Orange Lily
    White Lily
    Yellow Lily
    Wintery Rose
    Frostbitten Rose
    Glacial Rose
    Glacial Sunflower
    Red Carnation
    Purple Carnation
    Orange Carnation
    White Carnation
    Yellow Carnation
    Passion Flower
    White Daffodil
    Yellow Daffodil
    Blue Daffodil
    Red Daffodil
    Purple Daffodil
    White Daisy
    Orange Daisy
    Green Orchid
    Orange Orchid
    Blue Orchid
    Red Rose
    Yellow Rose
    Big Blue Sunflower
    Teddy Bear Sunflower
    Black Eyes Sunflower

    These are the ones I will give away:
    Birds of Paradise
    Blue Bird of Paradise
    Blue Carnation
    Blue Lily
    Blush Rose
    Calla Lily
    Chilled Carnation
    Chilled Daffodil
    Chilled Lily
    Chilled Orchid
    Chilled Sunflower
    Chilled Tulip
    Frostbitten Carnation
    Frostbitten Orchid
    Frostbitten Sunflower
    Frostbitten Tulip
    Frosty Daffodil
    Frosty Lily
    Frosty Orchid (2)
    Frosty Rose
    Frosty Sunflower
    Frosty Carnation
    Frozen Daffodil
    Frozen Orchid
    Frozen Snowhill Leaf
    Frozen Sunflower
    Glacial Tulip
    Green Carnation
    Green Daisy
    Orange Bird of Paradise
    Pink Bird of Paradise (2)
    Pink Carnation
    Pink Daffodil
    Purple Bird of Paradise
    Red Bird of Paradise
    Snowhill Bird of Paradise
    Snowhill Hibiscus
    Snowhill Kudzu (2)
    Snowhill Orchid (2)
    Snowhill Passion Flower
    Snowhill Water Lily (3)
    Snowy Carnation
    Snowy Orchid
    Snowy Rose
    Snowy Snowhill Leaf
    Snowy Tulip
    Wintery Tulip
    Yellow Bird of Paradise
    Yellow Tulip
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