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Title: ~Flora Collection~

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    Icon11 ~Flora Collection~

    ~IGN: Chaotic Monki~

    (1k Each)

    Snowhill Tulips
    bandicam 2013-07-21 00-51-41-744.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Tulip (x2)
    Wintery Tulip (x1)
    Snowy Tulip (x3)
    Frosty Tulip (x1)
    Frozen Tulip (x1)
    Frostbitten Tulip (x3)
    Chilled Tulip (x1)

    Glacial Tulip (x3)

    Snowhill Sunflowers
    bandicam 2013-07-21 00-51-36-505.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Sunflower (x1)
    Wintery Sunflower (x1)
    Snowy Sunflower (x1)
    Frosty Sunflower (x1)
    Frozen Sunflower (x1)
    Frostbitten Sunflower (x4)
    Chilled Sunflower (x1)

    Glacial Sunflower (x1)

    Snowhill Roses
    bandicam 2013-07-21 00-51-47-980.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Rose (x4)
    Wintery Rose (x2)
    Snowy Rose(x1)
    Frosty Rose (x4)
    Frozen Rose (x1)
    Frostbitten Rose (x5)
    Chilled Rose (x1)
    Glacial Rose (x3)

    Snowhill Lilies
    bandicam 2013-07-21 00-51-30-935.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Liliy (x1)
    Wintery Lily (x1)
    Snowy Lily (x1)
    Frosty Lily (x1)
    Frozen Lily (x1)
    Frostbitten Lily (x2)
    Chilled Lily (x2)

    Glacial Lily (x3)

    Snowhill Daisies
    bandicam 2013-07-21 00-55-31-391.jpg

    Spoiler: show
    Icy Daisy (x1)
    Wintery Daisy (x1)
    Snowy Daisy (x3)
    Frosty Daisy (x3)
    Frozen Daisy (x1)
    Frostbitten Daisy (x1)
    Chilled Daisy (x3)
    Glacial Daisy (x2)

    Snowhill Daffodils
    bandicam 2013-07-21 12-00-12-440.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy daffodil (x1)
    Wintery Daffodil (x3)
    Snowy Daffodil (x1)
    Frosty Daffodil (x1)
    Frozen Daffodil (x1)
    Frostbitten Daffodil (x2)
    Chilled Daffodil (x1)
    Glacial Daffodil (x2)

    Snowhill Carnations
    bandicam 2013-07-21 12-00-56-789.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Carnation (x2)
    Snowy Carnation (x3)
    Frosty Carnation (x4)
    Frozen Carnation (x1)
    Frostbitten Carnation (x1)
    Chilled Carnation(x1)

    Glacial Carnation (x1)

    Snowhill Orchids

    bandicam 2013-07-21 12-11-28-084.jpg
    Spoiler: show
    Icy Orchid (x2)
    Snowy Orchid (x1)
    Frosty Orchid (x1)
    Frozen Orchid (x2)
    Frostbitten Orchid (x2)
    Chilled Orchid (x2)
    Glacial Orchid (x1)

    bandicam 2013-07-21 12-23-38-225.jpg
    Snowhill Birds of Paradise (x1)
    Snowhill Orchid (x1)
    Snowhill Hibiscus (x1)
    Snowhill Water Lily (x1)
    Snowhill Calla Lily (x1)
    Snowhill Passion Flower (x1)
    Snowhill Kudzu (x1)

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    Default Re: ~Flora Collection~

    Snowhill Passion Flower (x1)

    i'll buy this :]
    i have to go but i'll be IG later today
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    IGN: Broski

    buying old school, PM me :]

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