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    Default -FIREFLIES- Buying and Selling!

    I just realized I completed the red fireflies collection, and completing the entire Air Support collection gives you a cool fireflies effect. -I want it.

    All Collections for sale and for buying are 500 coins each.

    So these are the collections I need:

    Collections -> Insects -> Fireflies

    Large Firefly
    Angry Firefly
    Queen Firefly

    Collections -> Insects -> Green Fireflies

    Small Green Firefly
    Large Green Firefly
    Smart Green Firefly

    Collections -> Insects -> Orange Fireflies

    Smart Orange Firefly
    Smelly Orange Firefly

    Selling Fireflies:

    Angry Red Firefly x2
    Firefly Paratroopers x1
    King Green Firefly x1
    Slimy Orange Firefly x1
    Smart Red Firefly x1
    Smelly Firefly x1
    Smelly Green Firefly x1

    And that's all.. Tell me which do you need and which you have. Thank you : )
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    Default Re: -FIREFLIES- Buying and Selling!

    I have a angry orange firefly if you need it

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    Default Re: -FIREFLIES- Buying and Selling!

    Can i buy 1 of each of your fire flies.. I dont have any fireflies or i'd give them to you. But ill keep a look out if i see any that you need.

    Total : 3,500 coins
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    Default Re: -FIREFLIES- Buying and Selling!

    I'll take one angry red firefly . thats all

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    Default Re: -FIREFLIES- Buying and Selling!

    Are there still any flies left 4 sale?or did Jennz already buy all?

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