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Title: Farming Shop

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    Default Farming Shop

    Hi There. Me and Popcorn are selling stuff for coins. Rules are simple, first come first serve and do not go off topic please.(:

    50K each
    Blackspore Gloves
    Red Fingerless Gloves x2
    Dark purple fingerless
    Light purple designer gloves - 20K
    Dark blue x2
    Dark Yellow

    Kercheif Midriffs (Cheif Mids) -
    Mantis (Light green) - 280K

    Knee Boots: 20k

    Rider Pants:
    Allspice (Brown)

    More will be added, thats it for now. Thanks.

    Also, the dark green cheif mid was sold in-game.

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    Default Re: Farming Shop

    Good Luck :]
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