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    Default The Everything Shop/Auctions

    Hey well, i decided to make a mini shop because i NEED coins badly. By need, i mean im saving up to buy sport shades. Well, im making a small shop, apart from my origional shop, this is just for a few things. A little bit of everything, you could say. It even has auctions! Well, happy shopping and bidding!

    Some trades may be required to meet with Cody Ashflare, not my main character, Sky Fernstorm. All coins go to Sky, NOT Cody

    Holidays = 25% off!


    Under Consideration


    Orange Blouse Vest - 50k
    Dark Grey (Black) Blouse Vest - 50k
    Light Grey Rolled Sleeve Hoodie - 100k
    Dark Blue Rolled Sleeve Hoodie - 50k
    Outback Hat - Brown - 30k
    Outback Hat - Light Green - 30k
    Outback Hat - Green - 30k
    Dark Blue Sun Hat - 50k
    Girls Snowhill Explorer Gloves - x2 - 30k Each
    White Kung Fu Shirt - 70k
    White Tight Sneakers - 50k
    Orange Tight Sneakers - 50k
    Orange Hoodie Jacket - 50k
    Sc Blue Hoodie Jacket - 50k
    Teal Tight Sneakers - 50k

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