glitter text generator by

Pink= Girls
Red= Sold
Yellow= On Hold
Black or White= Everyone


Straw Hat 4k
Pirate Hat 6k

None. Buying Gloves.

Bleeding Heart T Shirt. 9k
Bixie Costume 12k
Small Sweater Blouse 85k
*Rare* Swimmer Short Sleeve 34k

Flared Capris (Green) 7k

Ayani Tree Explorers Boot 9k
Closed Toe Sandals 7k
orange Strapped Flip Flops 5k
Pathfinders boots 7k
*new* *RARE* LIGHT BLUE non fold hightops. Not aqua.
Globfish 10k
Skull Pail 15k
Candy Carrier 9k

Bat Meat x4
bundle Of Snowberry x2
Bundle Of Spirlemint x2
Bundle of stainberry x2
bundle of Starnut
Ectoplamastic Goo x23
Milk x10
Singing coal x13
Spice x10
Throny Fasteners x4
Wooden Plank x10


Cards 5k Each
sim one
angry yeti
Forest troll gaurden
Forest troll scout
forest troll shaman
holagan brawler x2
Invading Bixie mage
Robgoblin Boss
Robgoblin brusier x3
robgoblan BurglarShadow Ninga Talon archer
Shadow Ninga Talon Swordmaster
yeti Chief
Pillage in the village
tipping the Hive
Bixie stick
knuckle sandwhcih
Oinion breath
send help
stinky feet
apprentice smith
assistant smith
dwarven digger
furnace golem
Helpful steam monkey
spring forward
skweaky wheel
briarwood tree soldiar
Ninga Master

Fire Hydrant Hat 10k
Kitty frog legs 9k
Pink mushroom cap 25k
Purple frog mask 15k
Cupcake of tiny tim 20k
Heart candy 15k
Ice Cream Sandwhich 15k
man Eating Plant Mask 35k
morphing Dog Bone 20k
Doggy Swashbuckler collar 18k
Doggy Swashbuckler Hat 19k
Doggy Swashbuckler Peg Leg 20k

Buying new thing! Please Say what you want the price, and total cost. Thanks!