Hey, everyone.

So I am just selling a ton of things, and I am buying a ton of things. ~Please don't complain, I don't have any other shops open~!


1.) All free realms insider rules apply.
2.) First come first serve

Okay, well.. Here goes nothing.

I am really looking for some Trading Card game old vr's

Vr's I want:

Toyger Whistle
Rocker Pants
Rocker Hat
Rocker Shoes
Rocker Vest
Bow [ceme bow or something?]
Skater Beanie [non-rare]

Vault I want:

Magenta = love
Icy = Eh
Rosepetal = Love
Really Looking for magenta atm, sorry.:]

Vaultberry I want:

Vest blouses
Sweater blouses
Ruffled Blouses
Shouldered mids
Rolled Sleeve Hoodie

Magenta I want:

I collect magenta, so I really want all of it. Non-combat

Magenta I have:

Magenta One-shoulder shirt
Magenta Cardigan

So i need the capris, high-tops, and others.

Combat/old school:

I don't have any and I know nothing about so closed this subject.

Some things i have to offer for my wants:

x1 Doberman Whistle
x1 Alligator Suit
x1 Alligator Hat
x1 Briarwood Collector's card - [trad-able once redeemed]

x1 Bag of angel feathers
x1 Frost Grenade
x1 Briar heart bandage square guard
x1 Bramble Back Roller ring
x1 Mushroom Hat
x1 Plaid Baseball Cap [red]
x1 Purple Frog mask
x1 Nettlesead Fungus
x1 Kitty Frog Skin [cat]
x1 Kitty Frog Legs
x1 Kitty Frog Eyes
x1 Ginormous Health Potion
x1 Morphing Dog bone
x1 Doggy Washbukler Callor

Also i can offer other vaultberry and things..Thanks.