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    Default Collection Shop

    Red is sold
    orange is on hold

    Collections are Make a offer
    Keys are 1000 coins each

    1x a bag of plastic flamingos
    1x baby bottle
    2x big baking spoon
    1x black bird of paradise
    2x blacksmith story page 1
    1x blue bomber yo yo
    1x braeburn apple
    1x bramley's seeding apple
    1x broken pine cone
    1x bug bitten sanctuary leaf
    1x butter knife
    1x cave torch
    2x chisel
    2x chunk of silver ore
    1x coat button
    1x dirty bottle
    1x do not duplicate key
    1x extraordiary gem
    1x fancy button
    1x fav feline
    1x forgotten ancient bone
    1x forgotten ancient jug
    1x fragile ancient mask
    1x garnet gems
    1x geothermal ring
    1x glacial sunflower
    1x green army man
    1x green bottle cap
    1x green gem ring
    1x green lily
    1x grey army man
    1x grimes golden apple
    1x heartstone key
    1x high voltage
    1x icy rose
    1x imenetrable defense
    1x junkyard kart door
    1x kudzu
    1x license plate
    1x medium pine cone
    1x message in a bottle
    1x moon flower
    1x mountain battle ring
    1x musical spoon
    1x mutsu apple
    1x orange bird of paradise
    1x perfect timing
    1x personal gem
    1x plastic button
    1x rare gem
    1x ruby gem
    1x sabertooth lion skull
    1x sabertooth panther skull
    1x sea of flames
    1x silver button
    1x skinny tire
    1x snowhill postcard
    1x snowy daisy
    1x snowy rose
    1x snowy snowhill leaf
    1x spider sting cleats
    2x spinel gems
    1x sprouting pine cone
    1x sugar free cake baking book
    1x superb strategy
    1x sweater button
    1x sweet apple
    2x tan army man
    2x uncanny sparks
    1x unstoppable offense
    2x white lily
    1x xerces blue butterfly
    1x yellow daffodil

    I will add more soon
    My Freerealms name is Lexi1 Thorndream
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    Icon4 Re: Collection Shop

    And no green king firefly Also, can I buy the 1x coat button? plz! tell the price and I will buy it
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    Each Event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.

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    Default Re: Collection Shop

    Can i buy all of your rings, medals, trophies, and doll clothes? Price?

    Proud Member of <INSIDERS>

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    Default Re: Collection Shop

    Jennz its make offer

    Inua you can buy the coat button and its make a offer and i have a green king firefly

    Inua Do you want to trade right now?

    Thanks Inua
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