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    Default Collection items

    Hi there,

    Got the majority of my collections finished yet I need the following:

    Small Green Firefly
    Large Red Firefly

    Bamboo Doll Mask


    Casual Doll Pixie Boots

    Brawler Doll Cap

    Red Doll

    Lakeshore Doll Shirt
    Lakeshore Doll Shoes

    Pixiewood Doll Shoes

    Rockstar Doll Shirt

    Seaside Doll Shoes

    Snowhill Doll Shoes
    Snowhill Doll Gear

    Snowhill Pixie Doll Shirt

    Molten Lava Top
    Roayl Purple Top
    Plain Top
    Shadow Top

    I got a lot of stuff, Randomplayer will confirm.
    So I should have something you could need too. Mainly after the bugs and tops though.

    Thanks for your help, in advance.
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